Wednesday, 14 January 2009

20 Things To Consider When Visiting Universities

1. What is the student/staff ratio?
2. What is the average class size?
3. How much contact time do students have with design staff?
4. What are the core teaching hours per week?
5. Will there be a designated workspace in a studio?
6. What resources (in terms of equipment) are there? (computers/printroom/photographic facilities etc)
7. Check the UCAS Route B choice preference (1st, 2nd or 3rd choice). Does the course expect to fill there cohoer at the first round of interviews?
8. What does a typical graduate do, career wise, after completing the course?
9. What industrial links does the course have and how is this integrated into the course?
10. Will there be an opportunity for work based placements within the course?
11. Are there visiting lecturers and if so who?
12. What do you expect to see in a successful applicants portfolio?
13. Can you meet current students and look at their work?
14. How is the course structured and are there any areas of specialist expertise?
15. Does the course have a graduation exhibition and if so where? Do they have a stand at D&AD New Blood in London?
16. Does the course work with live project briefs?
17. Are the tutors practitioners, do they work professionally outside the academic environment?
18. What contemporary practitioners do the staff look toward for inspiration?
19. Are there any study trips and where have they been in the past?
20. What is your favourite typeface?

Please feel free to add any questions that you feel are important and have not been included in this list.

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this is a great help. thanks :D