Friday, 16 January 2009

What is this blog for?

This blog has been designed for the purpose of assisting you in the difficult and fraught world of application to Higher Education courses. It is vital that students at your stage of development make informed decisions as to what and where you intend to study for the next three years of your academic journey.
In contemporary education students are offered a widening range of choices in terms of subject matter and it is important that you understand the diversity of courses that are out there for you to potentially study. Listed in an earlier posting are some examples to get you started, but your own research is incredibly important as new courses start every year, so the more thorough your lines of enquiry, the better placed you are to make an informed decision.
This blog will hopefully become a forum for you all to discuss your findings, through looking in the UCAS Directory (online), and from visiting colleges and universities over the next few weeks.
This will all be explained in a studio session, to be confirmed, where further information about the application process and your further requirements such as the writing of your personal statements, buzzwords etc will be dealt with in more detail.

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